Transition in Milan fashion scene as new creatives break out

From left, Dominik, Daniella and Alessandra Garcia-Lorido daughters of actor Andy Garcia garment creations for Dolce&Gabbana women's Fall-Winter 2017-18 collection, in Milan, Italy, Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno).
The changes are interesting the runways with fresh ideas as the fashion world posts the usually question: What will be remembered of this era's fashion in decades to come?
American actors Pamela Anderson and Jamie Foxx chat with the front-row of the Dolce & Gabbana show, invited not only for their fame and fashion-sense, but as proud parents.

Model Amanda Harwey and her husband, Jason Harwey, appeared with their two children, Noah and Rose, dressed in matching kitten prints; his a robe, hers a dress under a leopard print coat, and the kids in pajamas.

Model Amanda Harwey and her husband, Jason Harwey, appeared with their two children, Noah and Rose, dressed in matching kitten prints;  hers a dress under a leopard print coat, and the kids in pajamas.
The show was a testament to the different of the brand's reach across generations and geographies, as well as its ability to dress all shapes and sizes for any occasion.

So a dress combined panels of mixed devore velvet sewed together with a fabric and double-bonded leather. Short, even truncated, puffer coats add volume to the slim looks.


Seaart Holiday

Today we come to the beautiful city of Huizhou.
A very beautiful coastal city 
sunshine, beach, beautiful castle.
When we first get to there...
Looking forward to a fantastic trip.
And I heard there have some delicious seafood.
Squid, pearl, shell,Fish...  
Let's go swimming~
Although Few of us can swim,So what?
Just for fun...
Our Seafood and beach party start now..
Do you like swimming?
Maybe you can choose a nice place like there.
There is a beautiful castle on the island.
Where People can rest here, play chess, or be concerned with love and romance.
Ha,that’s a real good place..
The beauty places of the island are to much more..
Once you said that you like the sunset ..
Hope to be able to accompany with you to see the sunset.
If you are a nostalgia person.
This place is right for you.
Of course we have these lovely colleagues.
A lot of unexpected things..
Do you want to join our family?
With you all , every day will be happiness.
This is our Leader’s hotel.
If you are interested in there ,you can book it and start a real vacation.


The Pink Metro

Recently, the Shenzhen subway opened the express train, will run for 1 months, in line 1, May 8th start, day tour travel, including single special car. To love people that thousands of parents in the confession, confession to the students. Friends said: "single is so bad "
In May 8th, a user  released a video on micro-blog, in the subway car, on the ground of the words "students, feel the opposite looks like your next girlfriend." then he looked up and saw a sleeping aunt. At the same time, users released the  microblogging "meet express train", and with the four pink subway car pictures. Originally, it is first of the Shenzhen subway car express train, today officially start! 

On the subway that collected from Shenzhen and Shenzhen Metro teams chowhound fans, to love people that there are parents of students of the confession,  but also on the Shenzhen confession 
Is there someone in the car that will tell you what you're doing? 
Of course, there is also little chowhound eyes of Shenzhen.
6 cars in the car, one of which is designed to be a single car, maybe you can meet her here? 
Hello everyone! I'm single!
Shenzhen to open up the subway, car pink girl heart! 
Hers confession, you see it? 
It is reported that the express train will run for 1 months in Shenzhen Metro Line 1, day tour travel, to meet people all have good luck! The departure time: May 6th test run, May 8th officially start the train .
running time: one month


Gender bending display

Blurring the boundaries between men and women. Chinese designers send men's models to wear pants and suits.

Knit shirts and hats, and greatly personalize the two tones of coats.
Regardless of gender refraction, it is a noticeable wear-resistant, vertical striped knit dress and boots with a huge hoop with sweaters, olive sportswear, tweed style plaid earrings.
Designers can wear mobile apps into the template of the LED, what they want, the latest technical fashion link-ups examples, innovative costumes and want.
Another Alexander, New York fashion Kaneaki and Andlo style, has a designer heavy Gothic eyeliner.
If no one gets information: "To Sex" and "sexual quality are not interested", print on the retail capital and accept the trend in fashion to show this season.


Tee time with "Drill Move New Project"

28 months, sunshine.
It is time to start a new journey.
Teas and new Apparel Accessories Design。 
Today our destination is in Guangzhou, a very interesting city.
We left Shenzhen at 2:30 pm to Guangzhou.
After two hours driving, we arrived at James. Joyce Coffee Tel.
When we arrived at the hotel, we realized the terrible thing...
Our friends did not arrive at the time...
After waiting for one hour, a two-year man appeared at the front desk,
It's time for the car. We thought.
These two friends are very friendly, very good!
They are very interested in our newly arrived diamond project.
After they check the quality and compare prices.
They finally chose us as their first supplier in China.
They are to us. New design Quality 
So, if you need to find a professional diamond supplier,
Contact Us Immediately!
Life is like a cup of tea, more flavor, you can feel more flavor.


Lovely Day

This week, I went to visit my friends from India with a couple of  my colleagues.
These friends were very smart and handsome . It was a great honor for me to met my four lovely clients. My other two  colleagues (one of whom was took for the picture) were became my personal bodyguard and escorted us all the way back to the company.

As to why they were so happy to do it? I certainly because our family was very friendly~
I really like this lovely family of Seaart,The people here were very friendly and facetious.
Were you interested in rhinestone or rhinestone transfer?
I thought you can know more about our company,The manufacture of rhinestone and rhinestone transfer in china.

2pm.Afternoon,we met in the beautiful coastal city.We talked about delicious food,weather and sports.That is a nice day.Then we went back to our company.

They were very interested in our new design and products.
As far as we know that they have their own factories. This was their first visit to China .
I hope we could have more opportunities for cooperation in the future..

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London fashion week

London-London fashion week approached orgasm: Preen on Sunday, and Topshop, mulberry and other programs at many sites in the more-than-usually the British capital.
A large number of Mercedes-Benz cars transported guests from the Park as a buyer, blog and play for that elusive something special and magical dash. Not obsolete, some have arrived into glitter Silver Rolls Royce.
Show opens with the model sport from head to toe in Brown and green checks containing box pleated skirt and old tweeds jacks, looked like they were rented from the model's uncle.
Handbag--it is popular around the world fans and the brand's best-selling products--are outdated and organized form, recalls hand and vintage luggage.
It's just celebrating women in history and the importance of women garment Who has something to say, "said Thornton collection.